Does your home or rental need too much work or has vacancies? Do you want to Sell Your Property Fast?

Tell us what you need and let's see how quickly you could sell your house or or rental AS IS.

Does your house need too much work? Do you have rental vacancies? Do you want to Sell Your Property Fast?

Find Out How Quickly You Could Sell

Tell us what you need and let's see how quickly you could sell your house or or rental AS IS.

People You Like & Trust

Duane and Tiffany Youngren began their journey helping people solve real estate problems over 30 years ago! When you submit the form on this page, Duane and Tiffany review it, and will give you a call to explore your options.

If we can help, we will. Otherwise, we'll send it to our network of buyers to see what they can do.

We are not licensed real estate agents - we are real estate investors. No guarantees are being made, but we'll do our best to help.

Trustworthy Home Buyers - Buy Cash Properties

30 Years Experience

Duane Youngren purchased his first properties in 1990. He and Tiffany teamed up in real estate and in life in 1992. They have seen multiple economic cycles. Let their experience lead the way.

Solution Focused

More cash quickly can take away a lot of stress, especially in times of uncertainty. Get help from caring people who can come up with options to guide you the most positive outcome.

What do You Need?

When your rental property turns from cash cow to cash eater, you need a way out that works. If you want to sell as quickly as possible, let's do it in a way that best meets your needs.

We Buy Houses and Plexes

Does this sound familiar?

Whether you live in a house that you need to sell ASAP or have a rental home, duplex, fourplex, or apartment building, fill out the form and together we'll determine how long it would take to cash you out.

Wouldn't it be nice to say "good-bye" to

  • Midnight calls from tenants
  • Contractors who don't show up
  • Maintenance workers who let you down
  • Broken pipes, leaking roofs, hail damage, and other problems
  • Seeing your renovated property destroyed by tenants
  • Running ragged because you're overcommitted
  • A rental you thought would be a cash cow but turned into a cash eater

How to Sell a House As Is

We know what it's like to need to sell a house (or apartment) as is. You need to cash out, and you need to do it quickly. Tell us what you need, and we'll tell you how long we think it would take.

Wouldn't it be nice to

  • Have cash in the bank (or stop the bleeding)
  • Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep
  • Go on vacation without worrying about your tenants
  • Quit the hiring/firing rollercoaster with contractors
  • Stop the crushing walkthroughs that reveal that all your hard work was destroyed
  • Move on to the next chapter!